About Sports Medicine Institute

SMI is an all-encompassing facility dedicated to helping you be at your best.

From prevention and treatment of all injuries, to the optimisation of your physical performance, mobility, mindset, diet and function, SMI has been designed to cater for your individual needs.

At Sports Medicine Institute we are committed to providing support and advice to patients and clients of General Practitioners, physiotherapists, allied health professionals, coaches, trainers, and generally all providers of the health and fitness industry with utmost ethical care. The centre comprehensively looks after sport and exercise related injuries and medical problems, in addition to workers’ compensation, third party, and general injuries to fast track your rehabilitation as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

SMI is a comprehensive health, wellness and performance centre. Our team of Specialist Doctors and Therapists includes:

Our practitioners remain at the cutting edge of their field by regularly attending and presenting at conferences, as well as contributing to research and education. They are involved in looking after a wide range of people from recreational exercise and sporting enthusiasts to Australia’s elite athletes. As well as that, they research and adopt new and innovative procedures such as Orthokine.

Whether you are training to achieve athletic excellence for any sport, looking to get back into your gardening, trying to keep up with the kids or grandkids, logging hours behind the computer, or just trying to get in to shape….
SMI can help support your health, your sport, your life!

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