Alice Willenbrock


Alice Willenbrock

BAppSc Exercise & Sport Science/Nurtition

Sport Scientist/Nutritionist

BAppSc Exercise & Sport Science/ Nutrition at the University of SydneyCert III & IV in Fitness through TAFERehabilitation, Injury Prevention & Movement Restoration Coach through the Functional Trainings InstituteRegistered Yoga Teacher and Therapist with Yoga AustraliaRegistered Yogalates Teacher

“To me, exercise, nutrition and mental & physical health are closely interlinked and should always be considered together when embarking on a journey to better health”.

Having to deal with several health issues in the past I discovered how much of a difference proper exercise and nutrition can make. How we treat our body can have a huge impact on our health and how we feel about ourselves. So, I decided to dive deeper with a University degree in Exercise and Nutrition. However, the mental health component was lacking in my eyes. So I first became a yoga teacher and then took further training to become a yoga therapist, being able to provide a balance of Western medical background as well as a more integrative and holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Everybody is unique – I want to work with YOU to achieve your fitness and health goals on all levels no matter where your starting point is at.

My goal is to provide people with the knowledge and skill to live a healthy and happy life taking into account how they nourish and treat their body and mind as well as leading the fittest and healthiest life they can.