Karina Schuberg

Karina Schuberg


Karina Graduated from Charles Sturt University Albury in 2006 and has been a Podiatrist in private practice for the past 16 years.

Karina Has worked in private practises all over Australia and overseas. She recently returned from Western Australia to base herself in the Illawarra region closer to family.

She is passionate about continued professional development and in 2020 completed her basic surgical skills education and training course under the college of Podiatric surgeons. She is currently studying her endorsement for scheduled medicines to gain prescribing rights. Karina is a casual academic lecturer for the Western University of Sydney.

Her special interests include biomechanics and 3D printed orthotic therapy, Ingrown toenail surgery, soft tissue injuries, radiology and injection therapies. She has a love of complex cases and strives to keep update with evidence-based practise and new treatment modalities.

She has completed post graduate courses in dry needling, laser therapy, running and footwear gait analysis, paediatric assessment and sonography. She has attended theatre placements with Podiatric surgeons and orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists in Perth, Albury, and Darwin.

Outside of work she likes to stay active by playing squash, going to gym classes and boxing for fitness. She has ran 2 marathons but now prefers to stick to park run on Saturdays.


3D printed custom made orthoses

Ingrown toenail specialist therapy

Biomechanical assessments

Heel/arch/foot pain

Bunion assessment and management

Forefoot pain/neuroma therapy

Lower limb tendon injuries

Strapping and dry needling

Pre-fabricated orthotic and brace fittings

General nail care including fungal nail advice

Management of arthritic conditions

Strengthening and pre and post operative care

Injection therapy for nerve pain

Video gait assessments

Footwear assessment and recommendation

Wound care assessments and treatment plans

Neurovascular assessments