Sports Medicine Institute Specialist Doctors

The Sports Medicine Institute brings together some of the best practitioners, in their field with one common goal, to utilise their expertise and experience to support people with their sport activities and fast track their rehabilitation with injuries as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Our practitioners remain at the cutting edge of their field by regularly attending and presenting at conference, as well contribution to research and education.

Orthopaedic Surgeons & Services

Orthopaedic services offer both medical and surgical options for patients who are having pain or restricted movements to joints, muscles, tendons or bones.

The overall aim of our orthopaedic surgeons is to minimise patient’s pain, improve function and activities of daily living thus improving quality of life.

After maximal non-operative treatment options have been explored (e.g. physical therapies, pain medicine, anti-inflammatories, PRP, and cortisone injections) there may be a need for surgical intervention however this will be determined in consultation with the patient.

Do you need orthopaedic treatments?

  • Certain fractures
  • Certain ligament injuries e.g. ACL tear
  • Joint replacements

We welcome you to contact us to discuss any of these options.