Sports Medicine Institute Specialist Therapists

The Sports Medicine Institute brings together some of the best practitioners, in their field with one common goal, to utilise their expertise and experience to support people with their sport activities and fast track their rehabilitation with injuries as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Our practitioners remain at the cutting edge of their field by regularly attending and presenting at conference, as well contribution to research and education.

Exercise Physiologist

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) have extensive knowledge, skills and experience in delivering safe, effective clinical exercise programs.

They specialise in clinical exercise prescription and delivery of exercise and lifestyle modification programs for those at risk or living with chronic disease.

Why a GP may refer you to an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

  • To improve your quality of life and health
  • To assist you with gaining a more proactive approach in creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Rehabilitation

Do you need to see an Exercise Physiologist?

  • Is your weight impacting on your mobility and providing physical restrictions?
  • Do you have chronic and complex medical conditions?
  • Do you need rehabilitation programs or musculoskeletal rehabilitation either due to injury or post operatively?
  • Do you require work conditioning?
  • Do you require sports performance or pre-habilitation training?

We welcome you to contact us to discuss any of these options.