Posted on November 30, 2018 by sports_med

The Australian women’s T20 cricket team are the newly crowned world champions but for the player of the tournament, Alyssa Healy, it was not all smooth sailing to the finals after suffering concussion when she collided with one of her fellow players in the final pool match against India. 

To play in the final’s series, Healy had to prove her fitness in a carefully monitored and controlled assessments from the team’s medical staff. 

Historically players with concussion would self-manage or even hide their post-match symptoms in order to be fit to play the next match, however due to the awareness around the long-term effects of concussion, the management of athletes and the return to play protocols are now more rigorous and closely monitored by medical staff.

For Healy to be ruled available for the semi-finals, she was subjected to multiple cognitive tests and a series of progressively intensive physical testing in the days following the concussion that ensured her safe and effective return to play and World Cup glory.


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