Patient Feedback Form & Policy

Sports Medicine Institute takes patient satisfaction very seriously and welcomes both positive and negative feedback from our patients.  To provide feedback, please complete the form below.  If you have requested that our office to contact you, our Practice Manager will contact you via your preferred method in the coming days.

Patient Feedback Form



Patient satisfaction affects health outcomes and Sports Medicine Institute acknowledges that patient feedback, both positive and negative, is important.

We are particularly keen to understand any dissatisfaction and take action to improve our services. In most cases the complainant will be asked to lodge their complaint in writing and identify themselves so that Sports Medicine Institute can respond to them personally. Unless a complaint can be dealt with immediately to the satisfaction of both parties, Sports Medicine Institute will provide a written response to the complainant within 30 days of the complaint being received.

If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved, the complaint can go directly to the Health Services Commissioner for action.

The complainant may also call the Office of the Health Services Commissioner at any time concerning a query or to report one. To obtain a complaint form, please speak to our Practice Manager or contact the Health Care Complaints Commission directly on 02 9219 7444 or Toll Free 1800 043 159.

Alternatively, you are able to submit a complaint online