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Sports Medicine Institute

Sports Medicine Institute is a multidisciplinary medical clinic specialising in all disciplines of sport and exercise medicine. Our modern clinic brings together some of the best practitioners in their field with one common goal, to utilise the their expertise and experience to get people back to their sport and activity as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Together our team will help you live the active life you deserve, free from pain, injury or under performance.


Services We Offer

Sport & Exercise Medicine Clinic

Sports Medicine Institute is a multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic offering a variety of services to the Miranda region. From Sport & Exercise Physicians and Rheumatologists to Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, our team is here to support your return to sports in every way possible.

Our team works together to bring you the best in exercise medicine. Your full and complete recovery is our top priority. At our sports medicine centre, our core beliefs involve an undistracted focus on your health, your sport, and your life. Our sports medicine team is further involved in continued education and research which enables us to stay up-to-date on all the latest best practices and treatment strategies. In turn, we can help you get back to the activities you know and love – free from pain or injury.

Sports Medicine Institute FAQs

At our sports medicine institute in Miranda, we believe education is the answer to a variety of problems. As such, we’ve taken the time to answer frequently asked questions below.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a specialty of medicine that addresses the treatment and prevention of sports and physical fitness injuries as well as work-related injuries, and medical problems encountered in active people.

What is Exercise Medicine?

Exercise medicine uses physical activity to facilitate and promote injury and disease healing and prevention.

How Long Does It Take to Do Sports Medicine?

When becoming a specialist Sport and Exercise Physician, a doctor completes their medical degree as any other doctor would. From there, they do a minimum of three years post-graduate training, and eventually, they take on the four-year Sport and Exercise Medicine fellowship. However, becoming a doctor is not the only way to get into sports medicine. Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) offers information regarding how to pursue other disciplines around sports medicine in a variety of ways, such as a sports trainer, physiotherapy, and exercise physiology.

Do You Need to Be an Athlete to Benefit From a Sports Medicine Evaluation/Clinic Appointment?

You may think you need to be a seasoned athlete to benefit from sports medicine. However, this simply isn’t true. If you simply want to increase your physical activity, you too can benefit from a sports medicine appointment. Our sports medicine team in Miranda can help you ease into exercise in the safest way possible.

What Are the Basic Components of Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine includes musculoskeletal medicine, sports science, orthopedics, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, and sports nutrition.

What is the Main Objective of Sports Medicine?

The main objective of sports medicine is to regain and maintain physical fitness and health.

What is the Concept of Sports Medicine?

The concept of sports medicine involves treating and preventing injuries relating to sports and other physical activities.

What is the Importance of Sports Medicine?

Healthcare professionals involved in sports medicine emphasise the importance of education and physical activity. This is important since the human body was made to move. The body is further very capable of healing itself. However, sometimes, it needs a helping hand to do so. When it comes down to the importance of sports medicine, these health professionals understand how the body moves and works, and they can create tailored treatment plans suited to each individual’s needs.

What Are the Benefits of Sports Medicine?

The benefits of sports medicine include improved strength, enhanced performance, increased range of motion, injury prevention, disease prevention, maintenance of good health, and reduced age-related changes.

Do I Need a Referral for Sports Medicine?

For visiting our sports physicians, you may benefit from having a referral. However, for many of our services, a referral is not required. Please contact us for more information.

What Type of Patients Can Visit Sports Medicine Institute?

We welcome patients of all ages – from seniors to children. Whether you’re a recreational or competitive athlete or are looking to become more physically active, we can help.

Where is the Sports Medicine Institute Located?

The Sports Medicine Institute is located at 1-3 / 545-549 Kingsway Miranda NSW 2228. We offer services to Miranda, surrounding suburbs in the Sutherland Shire, as well Sydney generally and beyond. We also service rural Gerringong south of Sydney. For sports medicine in Miranda and Gerringong, contact us to book your appointment today.

Why Choose Sports Medicine Institute?

At the Sports Medicine Institute, our team truly cares about your well-being and recovery. We are a multi-disciplinary clinic that works together to provide you with the best treatment plan. That way, you can get back to the sports and activities you love as soon and as safely as possible. Book your appointment today!

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