Joining SMI

At Sports Medicine Institute we comprise a range of specialist doctors, allied health professionals from related disciplines and personal trainers.

Our Philosophy

Sports Medicine Institute has built an outstanding professional reputation on the back of many years of personal commitment and investment into the people of the local Sutherland Shire and surrounding areas. This ranges from one-on-one patient care, to dedicated specialist sports medical oversight for local sporting teams and various state, national and international teams. Our contribution to the medical field in terms of forums, presentations and the publication of articles has also contributed to our specialist sports medicine profile.

The philosophy upon which we have based the building of Sports Medicine Institute as a specialised and complete “all in one” sports medicine and related services institute, relies heavily on the referral of patients to all practitioners who join us, and of course on their reciprocal referrals to the rest of the team.

In this “one stop shop” model, the company has taken on the financial and commercial risk in terms of premises, fit out, equipment, specialised resources and team members, as well as the day to day operating costs and overheads such as administrative and related corporate functions.

This is underpinned by various commitments by each of the practitioners who join Sports Medicine Institute which include a viable financial contribution (room rental) and some exclusivity in terms of their practice areas and locations, so that together we can further build on our patient base for the benefit of all and create that “one stop shop” which ultimately is the point of differentiation of our operations and patient and client offerings.

For further information or to make an appointment to discuss practitioner opportunities please contact our Practice Manager on 9525 3444 or send an email to